What’s new with the 2020 Wildcard Page Pack?

The new pages you will find in the 2020 PowerSheets Page Pack are:

Fun List (4): A blank checklist for a seasonal bucket list or to record favorite memories

Organize + Declutter (2): Make a list of spaces to organize and a plan for when

Books Read This Year (1): Keep notes on your favorites 

Lifegiving Home (2): A simple checklist for household routines

Relationship Tending (2): Brainstorm ways to love on your family and friends

Go-To Meals (1): At-a-glance favorites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 

Floral Notes (2): Lined pages for planning and to-dos

Goals At A Glance (2): A request from the PowerSheets community! Keep your 2020 goals easily in front of you

We can't wait for you to dig in!

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