Can I place an international order in light of COVID-19?

We are grateful for our wonderful shipping team who gives you the ability to choose which international carrier you prefer! Most international orders are still being sent out, with the exception of a few countries. To ensure you will receive your package, follow the suggestions below. 

Before choosing FedEx, please make sure that the FedEx location in your area is up and running. Feel free to click here to enter your zip code and check. :)

Before you select USPS, please make sure that your country is not on the list below. These countries are currently unable to receive packages due to the restriction of passenger airline travel.

If you are still unsure, feel free to send our Customer Delight Team an email by clicking here!

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this time! 

- Algeria

- Egypt - Montenegro
- Antigua & Barbuda - Estonia - Morocco
- Argentina - Ethiopia - Nicaragua
- Aruba - Faroe Island - Nigeria
- Azerbaijan - Ghana - Pakistan
- Bahamas - Grenada - Philippines
- Bahrain - Haiti - Qatar
- Bangladesh - Iraq - Sierra Leone
- Barbados - Israel - St. Marten
- Belize - Jamaica - Suriname
- Chile - Kazakhstan - Trinidad &Tobago
- Burkina Faso - Liberia - Tunisia
- Colombia - Mauritania - Turks & Caicos


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